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Land Clearing of Right of Way for Existing and New, Commercial Mowing, Hazardous and Dangerous Tree Trimming and Removal for Gas, Electric and Dept.  of Transportation right of ways.  





  Right-of-Way Maintenance

                                                                  Vegetation Control Services

Contact the staff at Swartz Mowing to provide you with any type of right-of-way maintenance services. In addition to our standard and commercial mowing services we also offer herbicide vegetation control services and tree trimming services as part of our general maintenance program.  Contact us at (606) 674-2971 to ask about our services today.
Tree learing, Vegetation Control


Swartz Mowing
Swartz Mowing offers multiple options for Vegetation Control.  Swartz Mowing proposes to use the necessary manpower and equipment to perform the detailed work scope with 100% satisfaction.  Swartz Mowing offers multiple type of equipment to enhance the performance of the work task at the same time making sure that the least amount of impact involving environment or erosion. 

Equipment readily available for use:

Jarraffs                          Fellar Bunchers

Track Mulchers              Track Chippers

Grapple Trucks              Bucket Trucks

Dozers                           Directional Bore

Excavators Supers & Mini's

Large selection of Forestry Equipment on site.


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